Mediation & Arbitration

Our firm offers years of experience in representing our clients in matters in arbitration, both in Nevada’s “court-annexed” arbitration program or under private agreements mandating alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys are frequently appointed as arbitrators by the Court and several serve as Judges Pro Tempore in the Nevada Supreme Court’s “Short Trial Program,” which is a Jury Trial process designed to expedite disposition of smaller cases.

Mediation, another form of alternative dispute resolution, is designed for parties to reach an amicable settlement without having to proceed through traditional – but often expensive – litigation. While the parties to mediation are attempting to amicably reach a mutually acceptable result, it is still incumbent upon counsel representing a client at mediation to represent the client effectively. Our firm has handled hundreds of cases in the mediation process where we believe our clientele have consistently surpassed their expectations.

Several of our attorneys, as their resumes reflect, also serve as arbitrators and mediators.

Erickson, Thorpe & Swainston senior partners Tom Beko and John Aberasturi also have considerable expertise in bringing difficult cases to a successful resolution, both as mediators and arbitrators. John Boyden is also an experienced and capable attorney who lends his alternative dispute resolution services to difficult cases.

With their background as trial lawyers, members of the firm who serve as arbitrators and mediators are in an enhanced position to help resolve without the need for expensive additional litigation.